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Women's Imaging Center

Bay Area Regional’s Women’s Imaging Center offers some of the most sophisticated imaging and breast diagnostic equipment available, including 3D technology which delivers a greater accuracy screening and detects cancer earlier. With caring staff and a spa-like atmosphere, The Women’s Imaging Center is committed to making a difference in people’s lives. 

The Women's Imaging Center is located at 250 Blossom Street, Suite 160 in Webster.  

The Women's Imaging Center will provide the following services:

  • Screening Mammogram
  • Diagnostic Mammogram
  • Bone Density Screening
  • Breast Ultrasound

A doctor's order is not required for a screening mammogram. To schedule your mammogram, call 281-525-7950. 

Excellence in Breast Cancer Screening

A mammogram is a snapshot of the tissues deep inside the breast. The clearer that image is, the better. Since cancers can start with lumps that are spectacularly small, it makes sense to look for mammogram providers who use advanced equipment that can spot those small areas of concern.

Bay Area Regional has that equipment.

For your mammogram, we can provide you with 3-D mammography equipment, so your doctor has a better chance of seeing areas of concern. Our digital mammography equipment can produce results quickly, and your records will be easy to access in digital form. 

What to Expect During a Mammogram

While mammography is of vital importance to your long-term health, the procedure can be a little uncomfortable.

We understand. Our radiology technologists are encouraged and empowered to do what it takes to help you feel comfortable. They'll show you around the computer-aided mammography equipment and answer your questions before the test starts, and they'll make every possible effort to ensure your comfort. 

As the test progresses, you might feel a little pressure or squeezing, but you should not feel pain. If you do, your mammogram technologist will be right there to adjust your position, so your images will be clear and you will be comfortable. 

When your test is complete, Bay Area Regional's mammogram team will review the results and give you a complete report of everything found. Your doctor will get a copy too. 

Should your mammogram show something suspicious, we can perform follow-up tests, such as biopsies, or refer you to a breast surgeon, if needed.

Schedule a Mammogram

We want to be your top choice for breast cancer screening. Call us to schedule an appointment at 281.525.7950