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The X-ray technologists and imaging staff are committed to providing exceptional care for you and your loved ones. We are proud to offer some of the latest and most cutting edge digital equipment with expert radiologists available 24/7/365 to read X-ray films. In fact, the digital equipment at Bay Area Regional Medical Center provides 60 percent less radiation exposure than older X-ray equipment. 

An X-ray Definition 

X-rays use very small doses of radiation to create pictures of the inside of the body. Radiologists and X-ray technologists are trained to perform these tests using as little radiation as possible. When done properly, X-rays are safe and the benefits greatly outweigh any risks.

X-rays are often used to diagnose an injury like a broken bone. They can also be used to look for infection, to look for breast problems (mammography) or to check for signs of osteoporosis (bone densitometry).

Digital X-rays: The Latest Technology

The Bay Area Regional imaging team uses digital X-ray machines. This equipment can produce sharp images your doctor can examine on a computer screen. Your doctor can make the images bigger or smaller with the click of a button, and those shots can be easily sent to other experts, like surgeons.

Schedule an X-ray

If a physician orders an X-ray for you, please call 281.525.7309 to schedule your X-ray with our team.