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Nuclear Medicine

The team of radiologists, radiology techs and nurses at Bay Area Regional Medical Center is dedicated to providing exceptional care to patients needing testing such as nuclear medicine studies. Nuclear medicine is a vital tool in the fight against disease. And now, you can tap into the latest and greatest in nuclear imaging — close to home at Bay Area Regional in the Houston Bay Area. 

What is Nuclear Medicine?

Diseases begin with microscopic changes that take hold deep within the cells of the body. These tiny changes might be invisible in X-rays and MRIs, but they are most clear in a nuclear medicine scan. Nuclear tests give physicians the opportunity to monitor the health of your body at the cellular and molecular level. 

People undergoing nuclear medicine testing are given very small amounts of radioactive materials. Doctors can monitor how the body processes these chemicals, which can help them identify diseases very early on—before other tests would have found them.

Nuclear medicine tests can help your doctor spot and treat all sorts of illnesses, including:

  • Alzheimer's disease.
  • Cancer.
  • Heart disease.
  • Kidney disease. 
  • Microscopic bone breaks. 

High-Tech Testing, Done with Care

Diagnostic imaging with nuclear techniques is safe and painless. It is a specialized form of medicine, and you need trained professionals that can handle the machines in the right way. 

At Bay Area Regional, our nuclear medicine technologists have many years of experience in performing all sorts of studies, including complicated nuclear stress tests of the heart, and they're adept at helping their patients feel calm and comfortable with every aspect of the test. You can ask questions, take breaks and do whatever is needed in order to feel in control as the study moves forward. 

Schedule a Nuclear Imaging Test

If your physician orders a nuclear imaging test, you can schedule the procedure by calling 281.525.7309