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CT Scan

Bay Area Regional Medical Center is dedicated to providing the safest, most effective imaging for patients in the Houston Bay Area using a 64-slice CT scanner. Our experienced and skilled professionals are committed to treating every person with respect and compassion. 

What Is a CT Scan?

CT is short for computed tomography. It is sometimes called a CAT scan. 

CT scans use X-rays to produce detailed, cross-sectional pictures (often called slices) of the inside of the body. These pictures can help doctors and radiologists quickly and accurately diagnose a wide range of problems such as cancer, heart disease, pulmonary embolism, spinal problems, injuries and more.

CT scans are particularly good at quickly and accurately creating pictures of tissues in the chest, abdomen, pelvis and all extremities. CT can also be used in some instances where a patient has a pacemaker or ferrous metal in their body and cannot have an MRI.

Some CT scans involve nothing more than lying down on a table and resting quietly for a moment or two while the machine hums around you. But some tests involve dye injections. Those shots make internal structures easier for your doctor to see. 

CT scans are usually quick and painless.

Diagnostic Imaging with a CT Scan

The CT scan equipment at Bay Area Regional is truly exceptional. Our machines can capture up to 64 different images of your body at the same time and are ideal for in-depth examinations of solid structures like bones and tissues.

Our radiology technologists can help you prepare for the test by showing you the equipment and how it works. You are able to talk with your technologist during the entire test.

Once the test is complete, a radiologist will look over your CT scan and write a comprehensive report for your doctor. We know you'll want those results as quickly as possible, so we ensure that our team writes reports without any delays. 

Schedule a CT Scan

Your physician will order a scan if he or she feels it is necessary. When you have a physician's order for a CT scan, please call central scheduling at 281.525.7309 to get the test scheduled. You also have the option of having your physician's office fax the order to us so that we can initiate the process.